Gift Cards

We offer two kinds of gift cards: Gift Cards for our Subscriptions and Gift Cards for our Web Store

Please note that our subscriptions and our web store operate on different platforms and a gift card to one will not work on the other.  However, we can easily switch your gift card to the other platform if you contact us


Purchase a Gift Card for a Subscription

STEP 1: Purchase the Gift Card.

  • On the order page, you must fill out the address field even though it is not used for anything. 
  • Do not fill out the "This is a gift" section because this information is also not used for anything.

STEP 2: You will receive an email containing the gift card code. 

STEP 3: You must forward this email to the gift recipient manually (the system does not send an email to the recipient.)


Purchase a Gift Card for our Web Store

Please click the button below to see the gift card options for our web store. 


Redeeming a Gift Card

A Gift Card is redeemed exactly like a coupon code. When the redeemer is on the checkout page, simply enter the gift card into the coupon field.