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Customer Reviews

The following Tea Runners members graciously offered testimonials and the use of their Facebook profile photos. 

I just received my third shipment and it is worth every penny! Very high quality and delicious teas. I normally don't care for rooibus or most green teas, but all the ones I have tried so far are wonderful. I highly recommend if you are a tea aficionado.
-Rae Bonin, May 11

I have gotten 2 months now, and I am addicted!! I adore the teas they are sending and cannot wait til I get the next month! I have done a lot of monthly clubs and have canceled all the others due to the redundancy. I do not foresee that happening with this one!
Jeanette Mack

I was worried that such great quality teas at such a low price would mean small quantities. Not true at all! I have loved all the tea I have received so far, and it has allowed me to find new and yummy teas to add to my favorites!
Jessica Victoria

I recently received my first subscription box, and I'm very happy with the contents. Each tea is wonderful, and I appreciate the tasting notes that are included on each packet of tea. The recommended brewing instructions are also very helpful. Added bonus - I love that the packets are resealable!
Angela Lennox

This is such a cool idea, and their execution is beautiful. Tea selections so far have been delicious. Their presentation is simple and beautiful, both in the individual tea packaging being stylish and informative on one side and transparent to display the tea on the other, and the overall mailer design that evokes vintage world travel with elegant minimalism. Receipt of my monthly Tea Runners package is a guaranteed smile and stir of excitement.
Jenner Leigh

Each delivery contains the perfect amount of high quality tea for a great price!

Naomi Nelson

I've discovered teas and flavors I never would have without Tea Runners. Highly recommend the experience 

Dave McLoughlin

Amazing service, amazing teas. Right down to the very cool packaging this has been a top notch subscription. Eagerly awaiting my next box !!

Jere Dutt

Tea Runners is my new favorite thing. The teas are amazing, the servings are generous, and just when you find yourself wanting more, a new package shows up. Great variety and value, and I am currently losing my mind over the Moonlight Jasmine. What are you waiting for?

Kathy Flynn

This has been an amazing experience thus far! Such a treat!

Galen S Scott

I've been a member since the very first shipment and I love this idea. Tea Runners has allowed me to sample tea and flavors that I would never have tried before. The Teas have been amazing. The instructions have been very easy to follow and having one side of the packaging clear to see the tea is awesome. I absolutely love the shipping packaging. The vintage style is very beautiful. My favorites so far have been the Winter Wonderland Rooibos and every Green Tea variety Tea Runners has sent. I'm also a sucker for the peppermint teas. I would highly recommend Tea Runners to both experienced tea drinkers and those just starting out. 5/5

Sara Peak

All the teas I've received since the first month have been great, and though I accidentally received two of the same tea in the first box, they followed through on their promise and sent me an extra tea in the second. Great customer service!

Rachel Lynn

Loving Tea Runners - The whole presentation is awesome - love the shipping packaging!! The packaging of the teas with all the details right on the label and being able to see the tea through the reverse side is informative and very cool.
So far all the teas I have tried are simply amazing!! The selection is varied and delicious!! Always look forward to my new shipment!

Lynette Epp

We simply adore our fabulous teas which just show up at our door!

Heather Snediker-Morscheck

I wasn't sure what to expect, but shouldn't have worried. Great packaging, simple instructions for the uninitiated, and a wonderful variety of product! Jewel Staite's Happy Opu blog has always provided excellent restaurant reviews, recipe ideas, and wine selections - she does no less with these teas!!! Highly recommended!!!

Stephen Potter

Amazingly delicious tea! I'm impressed by the quality for the price.

LisaRose Martin

I was lucky enough to get in on the first shipment and I've loved every one so far. The tea is great and the price is amazing.

Samantha Hjalmarson

Haven't had a bad tea yet. Really enjoy the variety, and the quality is unmatched. I would never think to try out the types of tea they send on my own. It's been a great way to discover new kinds.

Scott Hutcheson

Wow, I got this on a whim because my wife likes tea. However, after only trying the Imperial Gold Needle, I need to revise that statement. Neither of us knew what tea could be until our first Tea Runners shipment. We are absolutely blown away and can't wait to try the rest and see what's next. Thank you!

Gentan (via survey)